Monday, January 13, 2014

things that make me happy

While being sick all weekend I had all the time in the world to curl up in a ball on the couch or in my bed and be absolutely, positively, perfectly miserable. I did nothing but drink tea, nap, read, drink tea, browse the internets, nap, look at old pictures and drink more tea.  Seriously, I should probably be dead with all the tea I consumed this weekend.  But anyways, while checking in with the New Years Project I had zero motivation to think about writing in a stream of consciousness, whatever that means, so here's a big, fat compilation of pictures that make me extremely happy instead...

  blanket forts with my best friend as college graduates | rings around the moon | naturally weathered walls | beautiful strangers watching the sunset alone | spring | the bean machine going nuts over cat nip | the most charming house in Buffalo | watching the sun go down, upside-down | painted trees
my toes in the sand | skipping rocks | the first signs of Spring | hippos kissing | two flowers blossoming from one stem | looking up | taking a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture of the sunset | perfectly timed photos | tree silhouettes against a sunset
 sunshine shining through some purple flowers | picking apples | reading Tuesdays with Morrie | taking risks | heart-shaped cereal | finding awesome pictures like this on your borrowed camera | rain drops | getting crafty | girls day at findley lake
horses | watching the sun dip under Lake Erie | entering the Botanical Gardens | relaxing in the grass on a hot summer day | visiting overstocked used book stores | watching a sky lantern disappear into the night | sunshine and palm trees | feeling loved | running a 5k and doing way better than expected

Life is grand.
Happy Monday, friends.

I ended up adding captions so I guess this totally counts, right?


  1. All smile-inducing pictures!! I love how you find happiness all around :)

    1. :) Thanks Keith! It's quickly becoming my way of life. :)