Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On happiness

As mentioned in a previous post I've been practicing gratitude for over a year now. And I can't even begin to describe how much happier it has made me.  Honest to God, being grateful has changed my life for the absolute better.  I wish I would've started way sooner.  

I used to be the biggest Negative Nancy in the world.  I thought the world was out to get me.  I was beyond stressed out.  I was unhappy and ungrateful.  I was a bad friend and person in general. I was always counting all the bad things that could happen in any given situation.  Manipulating, mind-fucking relationships can do that to a lady. I tell ya, if you're unhappy in a relationship, GET OUT. It's not worth the pain and agony you're suffering.  And I guarantee there's someone a billion times better out there for you.  I found one, and then totally screwed that up, so maybe I'm not the best at giving out relationship advice... But seriously don't ever stay in a lousy relationship because you don't want to "hurt him" or you think you're in "too deep" already...you're just hurting yourself.  End rant.


I mentioned way back in March that I celebrated 100 days of gratitude by writing in a Gratitude Journal (<click to see all the awesome features and what not).  My gratitude journal is an app on my phone. It costs $.99 and if you're against paying for any apps on your phone, I'll give you a dollar for this one.  Seriously though, I promise it's worth it.  Reflecting on your day and jotting down everything you're grateful for is so simply rewarding. And looking back to the things you've been grateful for on previous days is a great and quick way to cheer up on a bad day.

I write everything I'm grateful for that day. Little things, big things, silly things, obvious things, things others take for granted every day, everything. I'm thankful that my heart is beating, that I'm healthy, that I'm mentally fit.  I'm thankful for pancakes for dinner, kitty kisses, finding a new favorite song to listen to on repeat, happy hour, helping others, the smell of book stores, sunshine, clean water to drink, laughter, finding the courage, supportive friends, smiles from strangers, the way sunlight plays through someone's hair, life-changing opportunities, letting go, that warm and fuzzy feeling when incredibly happy. Seriously, I could write the biggest book on the planet describing all the things you could be grateful for.
And the best thing is, I've come to notice that by appreciating even the littlest things in your day make you appreciate the big things a bajillion times more.

My point in writing this post came from Toni's New Year Project prompt of how can you put more happiness in your life? Simple...be grateful

You can see my list of things I do that make me happy, grateful and help me de-stress here from earlier this month.

Gratitude, my friends.
It's worth it. I promise.


  1. I love everything about this post! Yes there is nothing more liberating than getting out of a negative relationship. It can be so poisonous to the soul! And isn't it amazing how gratitude can change one's life??

    1. Thanks, friend! I think I'm most grateful for having so much gratitude. It really is a life-changer :)