Sunday, February 24, 2013

According to Instagram

According to Instagram this week has been slow.
Which I guess is kind of true.
I had off all week (except a half day Tuesday and Thursday) and I didn't do too much (both a good and bad thing).
And I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I usually do... (so weird!)

But here's what I did capture...

Last Sunday:
I enjoyed some sunshine and cute kitties.

Took a long overdue, fabulous bubble bath

and finally finished my hummingbird paint-by-number.

Had a pirate themed murder mystery party with my favorite people
(more pictures here)

Got some kitty snuggles in with my main man.
I also found out I have my first cavity ever...(so upsetting)
My car also failed, then passed inspection...

Shared photos from the Botanical Gardens
(found here)

Enjoyed morning kitty cuddles,

went to a Keller Williams show

 Then traveled next door for another type of show at Buffalo's gay bar Marcella's.
Had a fantastic night watching a drag show and dancing for 4 hours straight.
(best night ever)

Celebrated Gramma's 81st birthday with my family

and was entertained as the cats took over Gramma's present

and that's it...whoa.

I also realized today that I haven't been keeping up with my photo-a-day challenge (crap). 
So, if you follow me on Instagram, be prepared for a photo bombardment...
I apologize in advance...

Happy Sunday, friends!

Samantha Lee

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