Friday, October 4, 2013


As I was catching up on some blogs earlier this week, I came across a quiz a few bloggers answered. (Here and here) I used to be obsessed with filling out these kind of quizzes on myspace and facebook so I said, why not?! For old time's sake!

So, here goes nothing!

1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Hit the snooze. A few times. Then, because I'm a substitute teacher, I check the website to see if I'll be making money that day! If not, I go back to bed (and check again half an hour later). If there is a job opening, I jump in the shower and get ready for my day!

2. What is the 3rd picture on your phone? Share it!
Our little queen, Daisy Mae

3. What TV shows are you most excited about returning this fall?
They've all already came back but...NEWGIRL!NEWGIRL!NEWGIRL! As well as Nashville, Modern Family, aaaaand brain fart. I can't think of any others...

4. What is something really popular that you secretly (or not so secretly) loathe?
Umm...well, girls these days feel like it's okay to wear five pounds of makeup and not wear any clothes. Not a fan of that at all. I can't think of anything else right now...

5. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them! Bonus points for pictures.
Sure do! Tres gatos.
Daisy Mae is the queen of our household. She's our little old lady that gets away with everything, like pooping outside of the litter box and bullying our other kitties (she's a big bully). But she's also a huge scaredy cat. Most likely because of this.
Lily aka Beans aka The Bean Machine...I bought her with my own money in the 7th grade from the SPCA. Every time she does something bad, my mom likes to remind me that she is technically mine.  I may or may not have once said that her personality is best described as "bitch." But she's a sweetheart (when she wants to be)
And last but certainly not least, my main man, Bruno Alejandro.  This boy has my heart in about a million ways. I love him more than Dove chocolate and pumpkin pie (which is a friggen lot). Read more about our love here.

The rare occasion that all three are in a four foot radius and not trying to claw each others eyes out...
Bruno looks like he's on the verge of a freak out.
6. If you could put together one outfit that represents you perfectly, what would it be?
My favorite pair of jeans, a t-shirt, cardigan, scarf and boots. Fall is the best.

7. What is your favorite adult beverage?
Anything with loads of alcohol. No, just kidding. I like wine. Red, sweet wine.

8. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
I thoroughly enjoy blasting music and having a raging dance party by myself. But I sure don't feel guilty about it...not one bit.

9. What are three positive words that describe you?
Creative. Grateful. Cat-tastic. That's a word right?

10. What is your favorite Friday afternoon/evening activity?
I absolutely love when a majority of my family goes out to eat together, then drinks and plays games until midnight. But if that doesn't happen, I love getting comfy, drinking wine, cuddling with a kitty and watching the boob tube.

11. A day in the life: What does a typical day look like?
Well, I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. Grab my glasses, I'm out the door...I'm gunna hit the city. Before I leave I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack. Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back. Ya dig? just kidding, I'm not Ke$ha.
She is the crazy people.
12. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
On a beach. Preferably in my hometown on Lake Erie or maybe somewhere in Florida, like St. Augustine.

13. You've got a whole day to yourself...what will you do?
See number 11. Just kidding. I would either A. relax at home, watch tv or an excessive amount of YouTube videos, and draw/paint or B. go shopping

14. Dream job?
To be a successful second/third/fourth grade teacher. And to own my very own boutique/etsy shop to sell hand made goodies. Dreamin' big.

15. Least favorite chore?
Uhh...all of them? Especially cleaning my room. Seriously, it's impossible. Too much crap I don't want to throw away. It's a problem.

16. When do you most feel like a rock star?
When I cross things off my to do list/ goal list. Also, when I have a killer day teaching.

17. What is something you are currently trying to improve within yourself?
Confidence and positivity. Always working on being positive every day.  Confidence is always a struggle.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I need to watch New Girl. I can't believe I haven't seen it - especially since I am in love with Zooey Deschanel!

    1. ohmygod you HAVE to. It's hysterical!!!

  2. Your blog is adorable and I LOVE your cats! We used to have one that looked exactly like your Bruno...his name was Brio :) And New Girl is the best! New follower :)

    1. You are so sweet Charlotte! Thank you Thank you! :D

      I have found SO many kitties that look just like Bruno (on Instragram) I love it!!

  3. Aw-- you have such adorable kitties!!! :) And I adore Modern Family, as well. Stopping by from the GFC Collective, and I'd love for you to drop by my blog if you get the chance. Have a great week!

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie! I'll definitely check out your blog!

  4. Heehee, I used to fill these types of things like crazy. First it was at school with those slam and friendship books that were all the rage in grade school, then I think it was Friendster in high school/college, then notes on Facebook!

    Btw, I may just steal Bruno. <3

    1. Hahaha you cannot steal Bruno. He is my pride and joy. But I'll let you babysit ;)

  5. Haven't seen a post from you in a few days. I hope all is well :)

    1. You're so sweet, Keith! Just posted one now!! :)

  6. aaaah!!! I love your cats! The closeup of Daisy Mae is incredible, I wish Nibbler and Squishee would sit still long enough for me to get a picture like this!

    1. Thank you!! I seriously take pictures of them all day. They're pretty used to cameras and phones in their face all day... whoops.