Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

I'm beyond full of gratitude for another happy and healthy week full of friends, family and beautiful things.

Last week I decided that I'm going to start sharing my week through the pictures I posted on my Instagram.
The warning still stands...I take a lot of pictures!

Last Sunday:
I took a trip to the Dollar Store with Kevin and Sara

and was pleasantly surprised with a calendar purchase 

I also helped mom put away Christmas decorations and of course these two got in the way...

Then they got bored and decided to take a nap...on dad

On Monday:
I smiled when I saw C wearing the shirt I got her for Christmas

and saw a pretty sunset.

On Tuesday:
I giggled as the girls attempted to make blanket forts on their own
(E's kept falling and C's turned into a bed)

I noticed the little, and beautiful, things in my every day life,

and turned into a zebra.

I also made the most delicious tarts! (recipe here)

I was bombarded by hair clips, ties and bows at work.

All of these were in my hair:

I did a mini-lesson with the girls I watch on the properties of water and what happens to snow when it's brought inside.  (I'll post more pictures of that later)

and painted my nails...YAY!

On Friday:
(and all week) I've been eating incredibly healthy lunches like fruit and yogurt or fruit smoothies.

I changed a life,
(I ordered a shirt off of Sevenly who sells a different designed shirt every week for a different cause.  A portion of each shirt sold goes to the cause of the week.  This week was supporting foster children and the design was killer.  I couldn't resist!)

went to my favorite book store,

went shoe shopping and found  the biggest pair of shoes I have ever seen,

and had a dinner of popcorn and an Icee while watching This is 40 (go see it).

On Saturday:
I was shocked about this freakishly warm January weather.

I also got all dressed up to go out to dinner with the whole family to celebrate my Grandpa's 80th birthday!

Isn't he the most handsome 80 year old you've ever seen?!

That's it for this week.
I'm looking forward to another week full of love, laughter and lots of pictures!
Thanks for stopping by.

Samantha Lee

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